Brake Systems

Ametsis is a Spanish company that was founded in 2004, specialising in manufacturing pneumatic systems.

Since the year it was founded, the company has established itself in the railway sector as a key player among railway equipment manufacturers and end customers around the world.

Ametsis has modern, comfortable establishments in Madrid: 3500m2, of which 600m2 are offices and the rest is production areas.

The business volume has grown in the last 3 years, reaching 5 million euro and constantly growing.

The Ametsis staff is in continuous expansion with high-level diplomas and specialised technical value.

Ametsis boasts around 20,000 references in the railway market: from end customers for systems to supplying kits and valves.

Ametsis provides solutions to meet the customer’s needs, cooperating in developing new products and overhauling, offering ad hoc solutions for testing platforms and personnel training.

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